Kuvapankki kollaasi

Start selling your photos in stock photo agencies now – it’s easier than ever

Are you interested in selling your photos online? I’ve often been asked how to start it, how much it’s worth, and whether someone’s photos are good enough for selling. Now it is probably a time to deal with these issues.

In fact, I sent some new photos for sale after a half-year break and it seems that my skills are still in the place. All new photos were approved for sale to all the photo agencies I sent them in. It seems that it is even easier to get the photos approved by agencies than in the past.

Also, at least in Shutterstock and in Bigstock the images were approved almost lightning fast. I received the notice of approval almost immediately. So now it is the right time to start selling pictures as long as it is that easy. You never know what changes are coming, this business is evolving all the time. Read more