I’m Teemu Tretjakov, an avid photography enthusiast and the founder of this digital photography blog.

I am interested in all sorts of technical widgets, I collect information about digital photography, image post-processing, and all photography related equipment, as well as different ways to sell my photos. Finally, I share the most valuable information about the things I learn with my blog readers.

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I have a long career as an expert in the IT industry, but currently, I am focusing on developing myself as a photographer whenever I get the time for myself in my normal family life. All this is possible only with the loving support of my family, my pure passion for photography, and of course the readers’ feedback. I feel the most successful when I get constructive and honest feedback on my activities and stories I share.

My goal is to develop my website as an increasingly comprehensive source of information for thousands of fellow photographers. This site, however, has begun to invade an ever-growing part of my free time, and I could not hope for anything more than that one day I could run it as my full-time job. While waiting for that, I’ll keep it going on and I collect experiences and feedback on the site.

Now I would like to thank all readers for the support and feedback I have received so far! You can influence the content on this site by sending feedback and ideas for the future posts using the contact form.

Thank you so much!